Constantly Commenting, On Sale This Month!

It's a misnomer that things that are good for us always taste bad.

Not true with our teas!

Constantly Commenting, is a part of our Spiral Leaf Tea family and a favorite blend among our customers and we're putting it on sale for the remainder of March. Save $3!

Constantly Commenting was inspired by my grandmother Dene Cole. I think you might be able to trace the homage in the name to a famed store brand of tea. One day when I was missing my Nana, I decided to go buy a box at the grocery store. Like always, I scoured the label for suspicious additives. And while it's a pretty straightforward list of ingredients, they weren't up to my scrutiny. "Natural Flavors" is NOT a flavor! So I decided to make the blend myself and I'm confident to say that Dene would be pleased with the outcome, and we think you'll love it too!
All of our teas are free of any additives and only contain leaf, bark, fruit or berry.