Wild Spring Dandelion Tea for Detoxification

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Wild Spring Dandelion Tea for Detoxification
Heal yourself, save the world, make some tea! 

Start this detoxification on the new moon in April and drink 3, 8 ounce cups of the tea over 3-7 days.
In addition, drink 64 ounces of purified or filtered water daily while detoxing. If possible eliminate caffein, alcohol, processed/fast food and dairy products to really cleanse the system along with drinking your wild tea.

Directions: Find a nice patch of dandelion free of pesticides. Trim several handfuls,making wild dandelion tea then chop and place into a quart jar. Fill the jar half way full with chopped leaves, then cover with a quart of freshly boiled water, cap loosely and let sit overnight. In the morning, strain and press the leaves and drink 3 glasses a day cold or reheated before meals.

Make this infusion for 3-7 nights, but no more than 10.

If spring doesn't cooperate and the dandelions are late to leaf, contact me at guerillamedicine8@gmail.com for other options.  



Disclosure: This information is not intended to be a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.