Wild Violet Syrup

I love making this treat in time for Mother's Day. A sweet and floral syrup,  add it to lemonade, champagne, or seltzer to brighten and delight!

Additionally, using the syrup medicinally, at about 2 tablespoons a day for adults and 2 teaspoons a day for children, has been known to relieve constipation.

This is an easy and fun recipe to make, but you must be patient. Harvesting just the flowering tops can take some quality time and then steeping the blossoms takes 24 hours to pull out all the delightful purple held within the flower petals.

Harvest at a time of day when the flowers are dry and brightly colored. Sometimes there are white blossoms which are fine too, but stick with the purple to obtain the most vibrant syrup. Avoid wilted, browned or wrinkled blooms. Make sure you have set enough time aside to harvest and steep on the same day. As always, harvest where you know the blooms are free of spraying and or animal contact and be sure to harvest 25 feet away from any streets or roads with heavy traffic.

Harvest at least 3-4 cups of blooms. It's easier if you invite a friend along for the task!

image from lavenderandloveage.com via pintrest.com Wild Violet Syrup

                       Yields approximately 2 cups

  • 3-4 cups of newly harvested flowers free of stem and leaves. No need to wash them as long as they are free of debris or soil.                               
  • 1 cup boiling water                                                                                     
  • 2 cups granulated white cane sugar                                                   
  • scant drops of lemon juice to increase the vibrancy of the color from blue to purple

Sterilized bottles or jars for storing your syrup. Will last up to 6 months or longer stored in the fridge