Blessed Distractions


Our beloved pets are blessed distractions. Like young children, their only joy is to love and be loved in return. They demand and deserve our attention even when we might want to do something else, like build a tea and herb company.

Something we are very passionate about in our family, is the support we can provide our four legged friends and family members. This past November, we lost our beloved Pixie who we adopted from the rescue organization, Haven to Home

It was a very difficult time as the cancer she had when she came to live with us six years before had returned.                                                                                                                We had always treated Pixie's health issues with natural whole foods, herbs, homeopathy and lots of exercise and love. She remained cancer free for 6 years, so when it returned we were devastated.                                                                                                                                               We tried many ways to help he,r and she would rally, but then she would become sick again, and we found ourselves spending weekends in the animal ER, her little body racked with pain. 

Even though she passed after 6 years, Pixie was 9 when she came to live with us. The years Pixie lived with us I was studying to be an herbalist. Pixie's favorite herb was calendula. She regularly enjoyed eating calendula salve and having calendula oil poured on her food. I believe calendula, with its anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties, extended her life. 

This past December, nearly a month to the day after Pixie passed, Frankie came into our lives. We will still grieving our loss, so we were unsure emotionally, and unfortunately financially, that we would be able to give him what he needed. 

On Christmas day he was found outside emaciated and freezing and showing signs of beforestage 1 kidney disease. When we got the call from a former neighbor that he needed a home, we tentatively took the chance. After all, he didn't ask to be abandoned, he certainly didn't deserve to be abandoned. We spent the next month gladly at the  mercy of this sweet little being that looked like a teddy bear. He had to be taken outside ever 1-2 hours, even through the night. Incapable of holding his bladder, we supported him 24 hours a day.                                                                                                                     Sleep deprived and unable to handle his medical bills, I reached out to Haven to Home to see if they could help. They were unable to take any more dogs into foster care, but I was able to apply to become his foster parent.  I was accepted and  Frankie was so ill, he was accepted as a sponsored dog while he healed.

Frankie has had a long journey over the last two months, but he is improving and growing stronger every day. Of course, if his health status is cleared by vets, he will go up for adoption, but we will be the ones who adopt him. He has been a blessed distraction.

He is healing me while I heal him. To be of service is a huge part of my recovery. To love and care for something bigger than myself is priceless medicine to me. And he has helped to heal the hole in our family life left by the loss of Pixie. 

thriving!Frankie's favorite herb is St John's Wort. I pour wild crafted Saint John's Wort infused oil onto his food everyday to help alleviate some of his nerve pain from a past injury to his spine, hips and tail. We've seen a scared, sick and weak dog five pounds under weight, revive,build muscle and thrive under our care and the good medicine of herbs and locally produced raw food from Landis Farms. We hope to keep Frankie flourishing!

If you're interested in donating to Frankie's care or seeing the good work of Haven to Home, click this link.

 Good medicine is anything that heals us. And we are devoted to healing, healing humans, animals and the earth. 


Thanks for reading and give a hug to your fur baby for us!








 Love and green blessings, Ingrid



  • Wonderful, Ingrid! And what a darling Frankie is. So grateful to know you both!

  • Such a beautiful message. THANK YOU awesome HUMAN! Love you all.

    Judy Burke

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