guerilla medicine, plants and people

in the day of big AG, big pharma and big insurance, the use of plant medicine as self care and prevention is a revolutionary act. plants are everywhere. medicine grows right outside our front doors. if you happen to be outside, i would bet my right eye there is medicine growing under your feet!

plants and people have always grown together. before we forgot how to listen, they whispered their secrets to us and in our comradery we used them to heal and thrive. 

herbal medicine, as old as the hills, is now considered revolutionary! medicinal plants are tiny revolutionaries just waiting for us to notice them and begin our lives all over again, this time with them as our allies, walking with us side by side, helping us to heal ourselves body, mind and spirit. they are waiting for us to remember our sovereignty and our inheritance. they are waiting for us to remember that plants and people are still kindred and here to help one another.

and we don't need anyone's permission to start now.

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