Make Your Own Medicine

At Guerilla Medicine we make our own medicine and we work to share that medicine with you. We forage, grow and create medicine out of plants, stories, and experiences. We don't wait for others to save us, we save ourselves...Every day! 

For us, guerilla medicine is a way of life.

It’s about making medicine out of life and healing ourselves with the medicine right outside our door. It is about living in partnership with the cycles of life and knowing the moon as it moves across the sky.

It is about understanding the self and what the self needs to thrive. it’s about finding our way home, the home of our body. It's about understanding the condition of our body as a reflection of the world around us, and when we aren't finding joy in our temple for reasons of dis-ease, we take responsibility and make the changes necessary starting with our self.

It’s about wild abandon, wild inspiration, and fighting for what we love.

It’s about sovereignty and the freedom to pursue our own path and find our own way. It’s about answering our own questions and trusting our inner knowing.

It’s about the revolutionary act of self-care.

We make our own medicine and we believe you can make your own medicine too. 

Blessings on your journey, we hope you'll walk with us for a while.

Viva La Revolution!



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