The Lonely Part of Solo-entrepreneurship

One of the hardest parts of being a solopreneur for this gal is the technology.

Building an eCommerce site is so slow, and frankly annoying.

Don't get me wrong, i'm so grateful for the gifts of technology and the world wide web, after all, i was there at the beginning of it; I have seen the miracles that it can create! But i'm not a code writer, or a graphic designer or a marketing genius, i'm just a girl who wants to change the world one cup of tea at a time. 

So here I sit, with my butt in my chair updating my website. I'm not good at it and certainly not fast. It's the lonely and difficult side of solopreneurship:doing the things you don't always like to do There are parts of the business i love and parts that i slog through because all of it has to be done. 

I want to stand on my porch and listen to the murder of crows across the street. I want to play with the dog. I so want to go outside, but it's freezing! 

But I'm grateful for winter and its work of stillness, this kind of work that gets done when the garden is still asleep under the snow and i'm itching for spring, and have to keep telling myself to sit still.

Writing blogs is great! Building an eCommerce site is just, eh. 

It wants no poetry and begs to be kept succinct and unemotional. There is no room for my philosophical nature I like to be emotional and verbose, creative and adroit. I want share ideas with you over tea and talk about how much I think plant medicine will do for us, what it's done for me,  and what it can do for the planet and our future. I want to talk about how much plants have taught me about my boundaries around self care, as well as my personal limits. But i'm doing the work that needs doing and updating and revising to the rational specific in spite of my random abstract mind.

All of us have limits, and I'm getting comfortable with mine. So, recently I invested in the business and got some help from Millionaire Designs to work out the kinks around my website that hold me back and slow me down on my path to success. 

Starting a business has taught me a lot about what success is and what i'm not good at, Transversely, it's shown me what I AM really good at, and I've grown in my confidence and skill sets through the journey. 

I'm learning to know when to ask for help.  I've avoided doing this for too long and it's held me back in certain parts of life, especially in building a businss. Starting a business has taught me that I need to face everything head on, eyes open and that I don't know everything. 

What we're drinking for getting the job done in spite of blocks: Enlighten-mints

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