The Point of Tea

When i started my path to healing with, and eventually making, herbal medicines, I was in the midst of an immune system melt down. Along with the immune system, my nervous and endocrine systems were also severely on the fritz.

It became clear very quickly that I needed to clean up my lifestyle and sweep out anything that didn't serve my greatest good or my capacity to heal.

Out went the cleaning supplies replaced with variations of vinegar and water. Out went the body care products that contained anything I couldn't pronounce. Out went dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, flour, sugar, cereal and anything that came in a box. In came herbs, supplements, vitamin D, whole foods and meditation and yoga.

With the herbs came tea! Tea for detoxification, teas for stress relief, teas for sleeping, teas for anything you can think of. The plants became my biggest ally in the ability to recover and restore myself body, mind and spirit. And tea became the foundation of my work as an herbalist and as a business woman.

Tea is easily accessible, safe to use for young and old, the strong and especially the weak. Tea is tonic for a weary and wounded warrior like I was. 

Although the work I do as a community herbalist lets me make all kinds of medicine out of plants, it is tea that has been at the foundation of guerilla medicine from the beginning. We begin and end our days with tea. We fill bags for friends, family and customers with nourishing herbs that they too will use in the form of tea to bring health to their bodies and mind. 

The point of tea is to make the world a better place. To grow the herbs that nourish human, animal, and the earth alike. To blend the medicine that will catalyze well being and self care for us all. 

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