Tea Time! Tea for You, Tea for Me, Tea for All

I've been thinking a lot about the marketplace. How I fit in, how it functions and HOW I use it in a way that feels honest for me. I'm not really a unicorn, I'm more like a platypus. I'm a bit odd in my assembly and experience and I can't do things like everyone else, I've tried and it's never worked. I'm what Malcolm Gladwell calls, an outlier. I can't really deny it anymore. I've tried to "fit in" and in 48 years of life I've not been able to. So I've been thinking about how that can become a super power, versus a set back.

My path to herbalism hasn't been any different. I don't feel like I fit in with other herbalists. I'm not so very "woo-woo", but i'm also not so very "sciencey" either. I approach herbalism from a practical lens and my experiences of trauma and recovery, and have found that, just like me, herbs and plant medicine are the outliers of our culture, and yet they are the one thing that is for everyone.

I don't have a group, or a club, or a way of doing things. I forge my own path and I accept and welcome as many experiences and beings as I can along the way. I don't care what clothes you wear, your color, the religion you practice, the language you speak, the people you love, or the money in your bank account. I do, however care about your heart and soul and your being, and your own right to sovereignty. It's not that I believe all the 'isms' you carry are irrelevant, I just don't think that they can ever hold the multifaceted depths of who you truly are. 

Maybe this is privilege to some, but I think it's hard won reality. I don't have the privilege of money, or status, I'm just a girl in the world working to forge independence and sovereignty and trying to figure out a way to provide that to others through my business practices and products. I'm trying to grow a business that's for you, for me and for everybody. I just wanna blend tea, and serve it to you. I want you to feel like when you drink a cup of my tea blends, it's like nothing you've ever had before. When you drink my tea I want it to make you feel the truth of your own being and I want you to love it the way you love yourself: Authentically, naturally, no bullshit. 

I'm interested in finding genuine people. The people who, like me, might feel a little bit outside the lines who are also looking for something authentic, no additions, no alterations, no bullshit. Independent people grown as they are meant to be without engineering or alteration. People who want a tea for the human who loves herself, her planet and her people, who want an authentic life and a tea for you, for me, for all. 

Thanks for being you xo

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