How To Eat More Dandelions

We're enjoying our first wild food of the season, baby dandelion greens that seemed to pop up overnight!
As they pop up I'm thinking of all the ways we can use them as medicine to restore our bodies after a long winter. I started thinking of all the ways to make medicine with these prolific and selfless nutrient powerhouses; vinegar infusions, fresh wild tea, and especially as food
This year, which was a stressful one, I need them more than ever as my winter sins are still sitting around my middle, and my skin is a blotchy red mess with sore bumps. My liver is cleaning out a back log of my poor choices.
Instead of beating myself up, I'm thinking of solutions. 
Dandelion is a perfect solution!

Dandelion is good for...
  • flushing tissue of built up toxins
  • clearing the skin of blemishes
  • supporting kidney and gall bladder health
  • tonic nutrients to build the blood
  • releasing water weight

It's best to gather these leaves as soon as you see them popping up.

 Brigit Anna McNeill recently posted about needing only 10 leaves of young dandelion leaves per day to benefit the entire system. But gather the leaves before they become overly bitter. If you're hard core you can probably tolerate the bitter juices, and therefore could enjoy eating them a bit longer into the season, however, on average you will get about two weeks worth of the mild leaves. 

The bitter taste from food is something the Standard American Diet has eliminated in exchange for highly processed sweeter flavors. Bitterness, brought back into the diet will clear the blood of excess triglycerides, dump toxins, improve liver and kidney function and make your skin glow.

Some simple ideas for incorporating them into your daily diet for two weeks:

  • Saute' leaves lightly and add to scrambled eggs
  • blend into a green smoothie
  • toss into your daily salad along with your other leafy greens
  • add to raw apple cider vinegar and let steep for two weeks, then strain and sprinkle infused vinegar on your salad or steamed veggies daily 

As the growing season catches up quickly, be sure to get outside and wild harvest* a batch of these delicious and nutritious greens before they get too tough and bitter.

Notice the effects on your body after adding this easy to find wild food to your seasonal diet and drop us a line about your experiences.

We'd love to hear how herbal medicine and wild foods benefit your health and well being.

 Read more about dandelion here and here

*Note: Be sure to harvest in areas without animal, or car traffic and definitely avoid areas that have been sprayed with glyphosate aka round up.