Spiral Leaf Teas

Simple, straightforward, transparent blends of tea, leaf, flower, bark and fruit. 

Wholesome = Whole Plant Wisdom 

Tea for All

We blend our tea and tisanes to brew the best tasting cup without the addition of natural flavors, sweeteners or other questionable additives. All our teas are organic and fair trade. You will find only the whole plant in all our tea and tisane offerings and nothing else.

Spiral Leaf Teas is our wholesale branding and opportunity to widen our customer base and bring our teas into restaurants, coffee shops and other independent businesses that wish to serve high quality beverages to their customers. While these teas aren't technically medicinal they offer a high quality nutritional profile most tea drinkers are seeking. 

We make it our mission to blend together plants that deliver a full bodied beautiful flavor and also contribute to your bountiful health. If we add any flavor it will be only from food grade essential oils, and in that case will be in limited use due to the potency and privilege these oils offer us. It is our belief that essential oil extraction is overused and putting so many of our beautiful plant allies at risk. 

Some of our Spiral Leaf Tea blends are: 

 Hindustani Chai

 Honey Bee

 Green Zinger


and more!

We only sell loose leaf because most tea bags, mesh and paper, are made using petroleum products. Who wants plastic in their hot tea drink? Not us! We strive to limit our impact on the planet.

All of our herbal tisanes are made with high quality small farm grown herbs and all of our teas are fair trade certified, which means the farmers who grow our tea are making a living wage.

We strive to create a paradigm shift with our business practices and mission and smash the oligarchy every day!

Independent Stockists

Way Cool Beans Coffee, Williamsport, PA

Moosewood Restaurant, Ithaca, NY

The Williamsport Frame Shop, Williamsport, PA