Values and Mission

Guerilla Medicine Apothecary makes herbal tea blends and other herbal remedies to support healing from the inside out. By drinking our teas you can revolutionize the way you live, the way you feel and the way you heal. We see self-care as an act of revolution.

It is the goal of Guerilla Medicine to empower and support you to transform your health and life in revolutionary ways. 

We want to provide products that contribute to the creation of thriving communities based on the foundations of health and wellness.

Guerilla Medicine Apothecary works to build unity and sustainability through community herbalism and the creation of seasonal, small batch herbal products made with integrity.Our products are carefully handmade in-house rather than mass produced

Many of the herbs used in our teas and tisanes are locally wild crafted and organically grown by our team of local farmers and friends, and when we can’t get them that way we order through an organic and fair trade herb company. Other ingredients include solvent free oils and alcohol, local beeswax and honey.