Sleep Like the Dead

Sleep Like the Dead

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Have you tried everything to sleep and still find yourself staring at the ceiling most nights? Then you haven't tried this product. Feedback on this herbal blend are phrases like "i slept like a baby for the first time in years!" "this tea saved my life!" "i'm sleeping better than ever!"

A magical medicinal tisane that gets you to sleep and keeps you there. Life will be worth living again when you "sleep like the dead".

Testimonials: “I LOVE that stuff!” Brittney S. “…I haven’t slept like that in years. The tea certainly did the trick!” Amber A.

Contains: Damiana, tulsi, mugwort

1.5 ounces of loose organic tea in compostable bag


Disclaimer: This information has not been verified by the FDA and these products are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure disease processes.